Jamia Haqqania's library is one of the largest libraries in Pakistan. It contains thousands of educational books, the library is open to devoted students and scholars at all times. Ph.d students as well as scholars take advantage from it. Apart from this, books are given to the hundreds of students that study here and are taken back at the end of the year. There are books on many subjects including Quranic explanation books, Hadith books, Jurisprudence, History, Grammar, Syntax, Etymology, Logic, Philosophy, Politics, Law and many more subjects. The books are in Arabic, Urdu, Pushto, English, or Persian. Most of the books are in Arabic. There are two administrators to manage the library.

Libraray Incharge: Molana Hafiz Luqman Ul Haq

Nazim: Molana Hilal Ahmad and Molana Ihsan ul Kareem is Assistant.

Periodicals Section:

It also have fine collection of magazine which sent by all over the world and have the department preserve them to student and thus them aware about the globalization and modern values

Incharge: Hafiz Molana Irfan Ul Haq




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